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Big Dataworks is now MDEC's Data Technology Partner

Big Dataworks (BDW) is honoured to announce that we have been appointed as MDEC’s Technology Partner for the Data Technology Partnership Program. MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation) is an agency under the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia, with the mission to develop and grow the country’s digital economy.

MDEC has established the Data Technology Partnership Program mainly:

· To accelerate data technology adoption and develop Data-Driven Decision (DDD) Enterprise)

· To facilitate talent development & industry-academic collaboration

· To build a vibrant data technology ecosystem

Commenting on the appointment, Sheriza Zakaria, Chief Executive Officer, Big Dataworks, said, " 2020 was a wake up call to everyone, a year that brought grit, resilience and humilty in us. We are glad to accept this appointment from MDEC. A great news to start off this year while many others are still uncertain with what 2021 has in store. We will surely look forward to collaborate with MDEC very soon especially in the Data Sharing Platform initiatives".

As MDEC’s technology partner, BDW is committed to share knowledge and solution in big data analytics and artificial intelligence, to generate interest from business enterprises to adopt data technology. We look forward to working with MDEC and other technology partners to assist companies in their digital transformation journey to embrace and empower the data economy.


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