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Designing the Future of the Digital Economy.

On 21 March 2023, Mr. Sheriza Zakaria, CEO of Big Dataworks, was invited to be one of the panel speakers at the Designing the Future of the Digital Economy event. The conference was held at Common Ground Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur. Designing the Future of the Digital Economy is part of the MGBF's Exclusive Roundtable Series: "The Evolving Threat Matrix in The Digital Economy”. The event featured four interactive panel sessions and high-level speakers who will address the question, “How are businesses and the government charting our way out of a challenging operational environment?”

Mr. Sheriza shared his insights during the “Strategic Opportunities in the Data-Driven Digital Economy” session with the other panellist from Matryzel Consulting. He highlighted the 6 main strategies are data-driven decision-making, personalized products and experiences, improving customer experiences, new revenue streams, operational efficiency, and risk management.

He emphasised that business leaders must be aware of these threats as they move deeper into the digital economy. To prevent such occurrences, the government needs to develop a clear and comprehensive digital strategy, improve digital infrastructure, regulate digital industries and protect data privacy and security.

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