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On 18 June 2022, Mr. Sheriza Zakaria, CEO of Big Dataworks, was invited to be one of the speakers at the International Convention on Sports, Sciences, And Management (iCSEM) 2022. The event was organized by Universiti Malaysia Perlis UNIMAP on 18-21 December 2022 at The Waterfront Hotel, Kuching. Many researchers, academicians, Jabatan Kemajuan Masyarakat (KEMAS) Sarawak representatives, and delegations from Indonesia attended the four-day event.

During his session, Mr. Sheriza spoke on Business Digitalisation in The Age of Post Covid-19 to give insights on digitalization trends across industries also the global post Covid19 pandemic. He emphasised the importance of business innovation which can generate higher revenue, improve business efficiency, and help to solve current business problems. He also highlighted that Big Dataworks (BDW) aspire to provide business communities with the opportunity to unlock their potential by adopting digitalization and data utilization. He explained that Digitalization Use Cases in BDW could partake with three market segments: service providers, government agencies, and consumers.

Mr. Sheriza wishes the audiences to take more interest in due diligence and the importance of background checks to avoid easily falling into a business scam. Also, to investigate digitalization to improve process turnaround time and increase revenue.


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