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Big Dataworks on track to digitise nation’s data management system.

It is highly recommended that one should conduct background and financial checks on prospective customers and vendors before entering a contract.

There is a search bar when you log in. Type out the company you wish to know more of, and the basic information about the company will be shown, says Sheriza

LOCAL tech company, Big Dataworks Sdn Bhd (BDW), is on track to digitising the country’s data management system, conceptualising its new product, MYDATA+.

The ability to deliver directly to the public, government, government-linked corporations (GLCs) and the private sector makes BDW a tech company to look out for this year.

Located in Petaling Jaya, BDW provides solutions in data supply, data analytics, management of information.

It was founded in 2011 as Dataworks Management Sdn Bhd, a document storage company.

Circa 2015, new CEO Sheriza Zakaria came on board and rebranded the company to Big Dataworks Sdn Bhd, implementing his vast experience and knowledge in ICT.