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Providing convenience for clients to facilitate their business

MaGIC and TNG Digital have successfully completed their Application Programming Interfaces (API) integration with MYDATA-SSM to Optimise their Customer Journey.

PETALING JAYA, 16 DECEMBER 2021 – Big Dataworks (BDW) is pleased to announce its new Application Programming Interfaces (API) integration with Malaysia’s leading innovation and creativity centre, MaGIC and a well-known Malaysian digital payment platform, TNG Digital.

The newly completed integration with MYDATA-SSM’s Services allows MaGIC and TNG Digital’s business units to match their suppliers for invoicing purposes as well as vendors onboarding due diligence. Additionally, duplicate payment is a major financial drain to procurement department in most organizations today.This seamless integration with TNG Digital will help the technology and development team to mitigate duplicate charges to significantly improve its cash flow.

Big Dataworks SDN BHD Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sheriza Zakaria, said:

“We are excited to deliver integration with MaGIC and TNG Digital. Establishing this connection will provide convenience for the clients to facilitate their business process through integrated channels. Moving forward to 2022, we are also targeting to launch a holistic digital platform, MYDATA+ that will serve a broad range of customers across industries and sectors. MYDATA+ will also offer an API and Integration solution to corporate clients as well as government sectors.”

“BDW also welcomes Fintech companies and Start-ups to connect to our API for its real time and trustworthy data source”, he added.


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