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Overwhelming Customer Response

Our booth received overwhelming interest from the crowd during SSM National Annual Conference in Suwany Convention Centre recently. Most of them are company secretaries, accountants, professional and business owners who were keen to know more about MYDATA-SSM, MBRS classes and E-XBRL platform.

Big Dataworks to date has trained over 500 participants on MBRS (Malaysia Business Reporting System) overview and technical sessions. The topic covers preparing and submission of Annual Return and Financial Statement online using MTool, an excel spreadsheet used to do online filing to MBRS portal.

We would like to invite all companies and professionals to register with us to understand more about MBRS in line with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia direction to make it mandatory for all companies to submit Financial Statement online very soon. Don't wait till the last minute. Register for your class with us at

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