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Why all Malaysian are given FREE account for MYDATA SSM?

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Did you know company and business profiles in Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) are public documents? Most people are not aware of it. Yes, every single person has the right to access the data of company background, financial standing, profile of directors and shareholders.

These information are submitted to SSM during registration of a business entity or incorporation of a company. It is regularly updated when there is change in the company structure such as increase in paid up capital, change of directors or shareholders, even change in business address. We are also entitled to have access to annual return of any company. At RM15 per company profile or minimum of RM100 for printout of statistical report on companies.

Ensure the business entity you are dealing with is trustworthy. It may be applying for a job, enrollment in a college, buying a new house or investing in a new venture.

To register your FREE account today, visit

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