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When you find out that the cost of putting all the documents in order will be 2,000,000-3,000,000 rubles, you begin to calculate: cost = house price + registration costs. Does the final cost of the purchase make this property valuable to us?

Now let's look at the same object from the perspective of the owner. While there was money, he built without thinking about the consequences: here he “gave it on his paw” for delimiting the boundaries of the site in order to quickly conduct gas, he designed a garage of 75 m2 there to connect heating to a house of 500 m2, here he gave a bribe to electricians. Then money was needed

What does the owner think? So there is a house. Assets? No, passive! Because without documentation, such a building will not only not be an asset, but will also require expenses for the demolition of the house at the request of the authorities.

Here's an example for you. The heir of one of these objects once called me for a paid consultation: “Come, I’ll tell you what the problem is.” I arrive:

- Show me where the house is?

- Here.

So it's a hill!

- Buried two floors under the hill.

- Not understood.


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